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The H.E.L.P. College will advance the skills of qualified Christian Leaders to more
effectively evangelize their own people, to minister healing in their communities,
to contribute towards the development of their country and to train others to do the same.

H.E.L.P. College aims to ensure that the Gospel is presented in the Power of the Holy Spirit with cultural relevance and sensitivity to all peoples, especially in non-evangelized nations and to practice the Healing Ministry through Servant Leadership.


*Our college will provide a one month course for Christians in the three objectives of Healing, Evangelism and Leadership. This course will be repeated every month from February to November each year.

*The course has been divided into four one-week units. Participants will have the choice of completing the month course in one sitting or select single weekly units and complete the set course over a period of time.

*Our goal is to train seventy participants per month who will come from South Africa and Internationally. The seventy participants will be divided into ten groups of seven during the practicum week and will be assigned to local congregations where whole week evangelistic campaigns will be conducted, i.e. ten evangelistic campaigns conducted in one week in different areas of our city.
*Our emphasis will be the How To of Evangelism, Healing Ministry and Leadership.

*We shall target credible and competent business persons, professionals and religious leaders who have influence in their communities so that they can in turn transfer the training to others; ordinary Christians especially the youth will also be encouraged to participate in learning.

*The faculty will be drawn from the Body of Christ worldwide who, specialize in a particular subject and who are experts with continuously fresh hands-on experience in Evangelism, Healing and Leadership. Faculty members will be required to develop their innovative, culturally relevant materials within the curriculum guidelines; employ highly interactive and catalytic teaching-learning methods.

*We shall motivate leaders to advance the skills of others within the Body of Christ by transferring what they have learned;And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.(2Timothy 2:2).

(Practical Residential Course for four weeks in Healing, Evangelism and Leadership. This consists of courses in the following topics:)

curriculumpic1. HEALING
4. PRACTICUM: Hands-on experience and application.

Participants can opt to study the full programme or one course at a time.
The curriculum has a single focus: healing and evangelism through Servant Leadership.

Please see the Course Summary below.

Students at Bethany International
University, Singapore, being
lectured by Rev Begbie

Please see the Course Summary below.


*Four week Full Time Timetable: Click here for a copy in PDF format
*Twenty week Evening Class Timetable: Click here for a copy in PDF format

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APPLICATION FORM Click here for a copy in MS Word.

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Pastors & church leaders receive training
In Healing & Evangelism in Singapore



*The Biblical Basis for the Healing Ministry.
*What is Healing?
*How can one receive Healing?
*Healing through forgiveness- Inner Healing.
*The relationship between Divine Healing and Medical Science.
*Miracles, Signs and Wonders in the 21st Century.
*The power of the Holy Spirit in the Healing Ministry.
*Spiritual Warfare and the Deliverance Ministry.
*Healing through Social Projects (prevention is better than cure).
*Healing in the land (2 Chronicles 7:14); Healing through justice and freedom.
*Healing from common human problems like fear, loneliness, pain and worry.
*How to Minister to those affected by HIV/AIDS.


*The Biblical Mandate for Evangelism.
*Biblical and Contemporary methods of Evangelism.
*Communicating effectively for Evangelism.
*Preaching for a Verdict.
*Cross-cultural Evangelism.
*Evangelism in the market place.
*Evangelism and Social Concern.
*Revival and Church Growth through Evangelism.


*The Biblical Concept of Leadership.
*The leadership style of Jesus Christ.
*Principles of Leadership.
*Management Skills in Leadership.
*Organizational Skills.
*Stewardship and development of resources.
*Conflict Resolution and Counselling Skills.

Time Management and Goal Setting.

                                            Worship at the HELP Ministries International Centre

Participants will be involved in a one-week evangelistic and healing Campaign in local churches in Cape Town.
*Door-to-door visitation evangelism in communities of Cape Town.
*Hands-on experience in the H.E.L.P. Soup Kitchen Project feeding 5000 school children and 1000 unemployed adults daily.

*Participants will visit institutions and community projects.
*Participants will conduct a seminar for Pastors and Leaders
*Pastoral visitation of the sick at home or hospitals.

*Evaluation of experiences during practical week.
*Writing down of goals and plans for implementation in participants home church and community.
*Interacting with staff members of a local congregation in a staff meeting.

*Sunday mornings, participants will minister in local congregations in Cape Town.
*Sunday evenings, participants will be involved in the H.E.L.P. Ministries Evangelistic and Healing Service with the community.

Saturdays will be reserved for visits of tourist attractions of Cape Town.


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